Wallets & coin cases

Lighten your pockets with our super-slim card wallets. Organise your loose change with our coin tray case. Ideal for those who prefer to carry a small number of cards and minimal cash. You’re also not a receipt hoarder, preferring your pockets to be slim and light.

Our coin tray case is perfect for those who like to carry change for small purchases but enjoy the easy selection of coins from a “‘tray” rather than hunting through pockets or zip purses to find the right amount.

Super-slim card wallets

Our Leon super-slim card wallets have two card pockets with room for up to 6 cards in total. They also include a handy strap for cash and receipts. Approx. 65mm x 93mm x 8mm in size.

Coin tray case

Our tray style coin case opens out into a small tray making it easy to select the coins you need. Once finished it folds flat and the origami-style gussets keep your coins safely in place. Approx. 90mm x 85mm x 10mm in size.

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    Currently in stock

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