About us

Like many, the Covid pandemic was a turning point for me. Having not cycled since my youth, I rediscovered the joy of a good ride, whether pushing hard for a workout or just going for a leisurely cruise with the kids.

Of course I wasn’t the only one, for which many can attest to with hour long queues outside bike shops and the distant delivery date for one’s ideal bike. In desperation for the bike I wanted I discovered a gap.

There were plenty of old bikes available, but these all had outdated components needing lots of work and proved to be far more trouble than they were worth. At the other end of the spectrum were some of the most beautifully restored vintage bikes, but these were expensive and often not a pleasure to ride given the style of that era.

So I started reguriously selecting pre-loved bikes and upcycling them to fill the gap in-between. The result – classic bikes with that cool, vintage look, impeccably updated for today’s riding styles. And each of our bikes are super-unique, one of a kind rides.

All our bikes include:

  • Complete repainting that will last for years
  • New consumables such as tyres, brake pads and control cables
  • Updated components such as brakes and derailleurs or fully reconditioned vintage parts to work like new
  • Handlebars and seats that look amazing but are configured for comfort

Each of our bikes come with 12 months maintenance and a life-time of support. And naturally a life-time of fun!


Where possible we will hand deliver your bike. This ensures its safe arrival as well as allowing us to fit the bike to you and take you through some basic techniques to keep it looking and riding like new.