Hank holders

Actual photos during road testing of our design. Even after a full day on the job your hank will look great!

Keep your pocket square looking perfect all day long with our handmade leather pocket square holder. This small, leather pocket lightly grips your pocket square, keeping it in just the right place irrespective of movement in your jacket. Simply fold your pocket square as you would normally, but insert it into the leather holder rather than your jacket. The smooth leather exterior then allows it to be effortlessly slipped into your jacket of choice for the day. We like to have a few on hand for fast and easy swapping out of pocket squares as you put together your daily ensemble.

Although it will spend most of its time in you’re jacket pocket, you’ll love the choice of colours, leathers and contrasting stitching.

Available in two widths (9.5cm and 8.5cm) and five lengths (16cm, 15cm, 14cm, 13cm and 12cm) depending upon your jacket’s pocket size.

Choosing the best size for your pocket square holder

Our pocket square holders come in five lengths and two widths. Jackets vary greatly in the size of their breast pockets with some being deeper than others and others being narrower.

Our lengths:

16cm, 15cm, 14cm, 13cm and 12cm

Our widths:

9.5cm and 8.5cm

Leather pocket square holder

Tell us your colours, lengths and widths when you pay via PayPal, or we’ll contact you with options.


The best way to find the ideal size for your jacket is to measure the pocket:

  1. Measure the death of the pocket with a ruler
  2. Select a size approximately 1cm shorter than the depth of your pocket, being mindful that some pockets are angled at the the top so you need to choose the depth of the lowest part of the pocket 
  3. Then measure the width of the pocket opening and select the width most suitable keeping in mind a wider holder will work best if your jacket allows

If you have a jacket that doesn’t suit our standard sizes feel free to contact us and we can make a bespoke size for you!