Japanese style magazines

One of our favourite resources for style inspiration and changing trends are Japanese men's style magazines. For anyone who has ever visited Japan you'll know Japanese men are particularly well dressed. They can easily make the uninitiated feel underdressed when out for some shopping on the weekend. Another thing I like about Japanese fashion is that people aren't afraid to wear what they like. There is none of that fear of not being macho enough like we often see here in Australia. Below are two of our absolute favourite magazines. These can be bought in digital format or in print from one of the speciality Japanese book stores here such as Kinokuniya. I should admit, given I don't read a word of Japanese, these are the ultimate picture books for me!

Leon magazine coversMy absolute favourite to the point of obsession. Targeted at men of a 'certain age' it oozes luxury both in fashion and lifestyle. It holds an interesting claim to fame as holding the world record for its cover model Girolamo Panzetta having the most consecutive cover shots of any magazine. It can be found in digital format on Magastore.jp although they often restrict to purchases within Japan only so you might need to try some tricks with your IP address and VPN. Read more on the Leon Magazine website.


Men's Ex coversAnother favourite from the shelves of Japan, this one often focuses a bit more on suiting but is no less an enjoyable read. It has many great articles on the latest products and styling combination tips, all in a classically gentleman approach. It can be found in digital format on Magastore.jp and at least for now doesn't require any tricks with VPN and IP addresses. Read more on the Men's Ex Magazine website.


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