When I first visited  Japan I was struck by the country’s approach to quality and goods that last. Unlike Australia, few things were disposable. People care for products with a view to making them last and items are more often repaired rather than replaced.

Much of this is imbued in Japan’s strong culture of recycling. In a country of limited space and resources recycling is paramount. This isn’t just in the traditional sense of paper, glass and plastics. There is a strong culture of re-make in japan where products are brought to life in different ways and it was from here that GPBARNETT was born. The majority of our products are produced from leather offcuts and silk remnants which we up-cycle into beautiful leather accessories made to last a life time. Most editions are a one-of-a-kind combination of leather, silk and colour details.A key component of our production still resides within this culture. Based in south west Tokyo at the foothills of Mount Oyama, we sort and prepare materials sourced from artisan districts of Tokyo. From here we ship them to our Sydney studios where they are handcrafted into entirely unique, bespoke accessories.Our products pay homage to Japanese artisan quality and because of this we maintain our strong connection to the Kanazawa prefecture where our brand was born and many of our products begin.

Traditionally hand-stitched 

All our leather items are made by hand in our Sydney studio. Starting with the highest quality, ethically sourced leather, we apply classic saddle stitching techniques. This technique avoids subtle damage to leather caused by machines, and gives a stitch that is beautiful to look at and super-strong. This is the type of stitching that lasts for years, and should the stitching get damaged the integrity of the product will remain and can easily be repaired.

Up-cycled Leather

Although we are mindful of imperfections in a piece of leather when we make an item, we don’t consider scaring and other marks reason to discard a piece of leather. Behind every piece of leather was a living animal that deserves the respect of understanding where it came from. As such we consider marks like these unique features in our items and in our view only make an item more unique and beautiful. Most of our customers feel the same. We hope you do too.